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Praying With Praxis

Hi Friends,

Thank you for praying with us.

We invite you this week to pray for...

...our tribe in Oakley - ask God to grow them in his likeness and to work through them

to bless their neighbors.

...who attened last weekend's training workshop - ask God to inspire and equip the

participants to begin making disciples in their networks or neighborhoods.

...people in prison - ask God to raise up workers within their ranks and to send people

who can train them to make disicples.

This week we read Acts 19 together. There we see Paul rolling into Ephesus and teaching about Jesus in the Jewish house of learning. Getting no traction among the people there, he takes the trainees that he has and starts holding daily discussions in the Hall of Tyrannus.

Within two years of starting this discipleship school, everyone in the region had heard about Jesus, and God was performing extraordinary miracles.

This story hits us at Praxis in two ways.

  1. "Daily discussions." - We are all about keeping things simple, relational, and participatory. We don't do "listenings". We do conversations. We want to learn Jesus. That's not learning about Him. It's learning Him so that we can become like him and do what he does.

  2. Less than 40 years after this, the church that grew up in Ephesus is mentioned in the book of Revelation. In it, Jesus speaks to the church warning them that they have lost their first love. Make it our prayer that we will not become so enamored with God's mission that we lose sight of God himself.

His Kingdom come, His will be done!

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