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Our Values

Praxis is not a program. We are a people.

Our values represent the people we want to be.

We are a people who:

Can Talk About Anything

We will have honest, thoughtful conversations about all areas of life. We will be theologically honest, speaking with confidence while acknowledging the limits of our understanding. We will be faithful to the essentials while being graceful in opinion and weaving love into every word.

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Eat and Drink Together.

Hospitality is our priority. From a simple potluck to sharing a cup of coffee, we meet at the table. Every Sunday and often in our Praxis Groups, we share the Lord’s Supper together. All are welcome.

Are Generationally Rich

We are a church for all ages. We support and partner with parents so that our children grow spiritually, physically, emotionally, and intellectually strong. We grow together with them often worshipping and learning together.

Welcome Everyone

We will be united as a “community of differents”. We will follow Jesus together as people of different ages, ethnicities, economic and social status, ideologies, and more. People will know we are Christians by the way we love each other.

Grow Together

We will hone our ability to hear what Jesus has to say to us through the Holy Spirit in our lives and to put his words into practice and we help others do the same. We cooperate with the work the Holy Spirit is doing in our lives to help us become the people he has already made us to be in Christ. We make disciples who make disciples.

Give Ourselves Away

We will look for every opportunity to be generous with our time, treasure, and talents. We will seek to keep our overhead low so that we have more to give away.

Let's Talk
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