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Praying With Praxis - 10.19.2021

Thank you for joining us in prayer. This week you can...

...ask God to encourage and support the leader of a potential new micro church in East Price Hill as they work through a season of discernment.

...ask God to continue to open doors for a couple of missional disciple-makers in Maineville.

...thank God for the way He is at work through Reset Ministries, and ask God to raise up workers (missional, disciple-makers) within their transitional homes.

In a recent interview, Donald Simpson (co-author of Revolution of Character), said there are three elements to great parenting. A great parent protects their children, provides for their children, and delights in their children.

In our Learning Community, we've been learning Jesus through a slow, deep read of the Gospel of Matthew. In his teaching and conversations, Jesus leans heavy into the metaphor of God as his and our father.

In Jesus eyes, God is the best kind of father: one who protects us, provides for us, and delights in us.

May you know the full and unending love of our Father today and rest easy in the knowledge that you are his beloved sons and daughters in whom He is well pleased.

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