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Praying With Praxis 10.12.2021

Thank you for praying with us. This week...

  • Ask God to grow our new West Price Hill community and for people to respond to their invitations to "taste and see".

  • Thank God for his provision over our first year as we celebrate meeting our budget and ask him to continue to grow our trust in Him.

  • Pray for the leaders of Community Christian Church in Bethel, Ohio. They've trained several leaders as missional disciple-makers and have started multiple new groups. Ask God to continue to shape them as a Christ-centered community.

Mark Sayers' books, Disappearing Church and Reappearing Church were inspirational in the season we were imagining who we would be as Praxis. He writes about our desire for power (influence) often supersedes our desire for God's presence. We can find ourselves so busy for the Kingdom that we forget the King.

We committed to making the pursuit of Jesus our primary task. We would pursue life with God and trust Him to bring the power.

Over the past couple of years, we've found ourselves having to course correct. Over our years of ministry, we learned the way to fix our problems is to trust our training, our intelligence, and our ability to innovate. God would then remind us of our commitment. To trust Him and him alone.

Here's a recent quote from Sayers about how leadership flows from intimacy. "Influence grows from being known by God and living to know Him more."

We've committed to a simple strategy. Prayer and fasting. How do we find people who are ready to be trained and sent to live like missionaries and make disciples where they live, work, and play? Pray and fast. How do get the financial resources we need to train, send, and support people? Pray and fast. How do we reach deep into our neighborhoods and networks to grow His kingdom? Pray and fast.

It's been simple. And hard. And rewarding. And we are grateful to have you praying with us.

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