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Praying With Praxis 10.05.2021

Thank you for Praying for and with us. This week you can...

  • Ask God to send us people who want to experience more of the abundant life Jesus offers us - for themselves and for the people they love.

  • Ask God to raise up and send workers (everyday people who think and live like missionaries and make disciples who make disciples) into Cincinnati's non-profit sector.

  • Ask God to provide and protect the leaders of Family Night - a group of urban teens and ministry leaders from BLOC Ministries who are practicing the life rhythms of Jesus.

This week in our Learning Community, we talked through Matthew 19. Jesus is asked a question about divorce and then expands the imaginations of his trainees by talking about people who choose to be single for the sake of the gospel.

Married. Divorced. Single. Jesus is clear. We are all welcome in the kingdom. We have a role to play. And we are family - sisters and brothers. And we are a richer community when we welcome and value each other no matter our filing status.

Here a few quotes from Sunday.

"Marriage is an attempt to solve problems together that you didn’t even have when you were on your own." – Eddie Cantor

"The Old Testament mandate is to be fruitful and multiply — have kids and be blessed as parents. The New Testament mandate is to make disciples — help others become born again and be spiritual mothers and fathers." – Dave Lomas, Reality Church San Francisco

Here are a few sermons for continued learning...

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